Science Series: Jorge Garces

When: Monday October 20, 2014

Where: E17-129

Sponsors: Spain@MIT, GSC Funding Board

On Monday October 20, we counted with Jorge Garces, a Full Professor at the University of Valencia and the Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA) for our Science Seminar Series. Prof. Garces gave a presentation titled “Is the Welfare State a sustainable way of doing politics in EU today?” During the talk, Prof. Garces discussed the main characteristics of the Social Welfare Model in the European Union, focusing on the historical perspective and the emergence of the Welfare State in Europe. He analyzed the concept and origins of the Welfare State, its development and crisis. The seminar then focused in the main theories explaining the expansion of the Welfare State in Europe. Prof. Garces also pinted out some critics related with the Welfare State limits and sustainability issues.

Coffee & pastries were served during the seminar.


Picture of the speaker and the attendants during the event.

Science Series: Jorge Garces