Science Series: Antón García-Abril

When: Friday November 14, 2014

Where: 5-234

Sponsors: Spain@MIT, GSC Funding Board

On Friday 14th of November, Spain@MIT had the pleasure to host MIT Professor Antón García-Abril from the School of Architecture and Planning. Apart from his work at MIT, Prof. Garcia-Abril established in 2000 ENSAMBLE STUDIO leading, together with his partner Débora Mesa, a cross-functional team with a solid research background on the lookout for new approaches to architectonical space, building technologies and urban strategies. He has received several prizes including the Spanish Academy Research Prize in Rome in 1996, and his studio has been awarded with important prizes such as the Rice Design Alliance Prize to emerging architects in 2009 or the Architectural Record Design Vanguard Prize in 2005, and was selected by SANAA to participate in the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2010. In the seminar, Professor García-Abril went through a wide variety of projects he has led in the past, as well as some of his most ambitious ideas for the future in a very interesting talk that covered an extensive part of his renowned architectural experience.

Professor Antón García-Abril during his presentation
Science Series: Antón García-Abril