Daniel Rodan

My name is Daniel Rodan and I am the Sports Chair of Spain@MIT. After several years of experience playing sports with Spain@MIT, and following Spain@MIT’s long tradition of success in the Intramural League at MIT, I help the association and its members practice sport at MIT, as well as be a common meeting point to foster connections and friendships, especially to newcomers.

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Physics Department. I carry out my research in Condensed Matter Experimental Physics in the group of Prof. Jarillo-Herrero, working with graphene and other 2D materials (the thinnest materials in the world, only 1 atom thick). My research interests are in the topic of graphene-based nanodevices, where we can induce and study superconducting phenomena. Prior to coming to MIT, I got my Undergraduate Degree in Engineering Physics and Mathematics from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC/CFIS). I am originally from Barcelona.