Spanish Cooking Class 2013

Spanish Cooking Class 2013

  • Event: Spanish Cooking Class 2013
  • Date: February 3, 2013
  • Venue: Sidney-Pacific Kitchen
  • Sponsor: Graduate Student Council

On Sunday February 3, we held a Cooking event. The almost 40 attendees, organized in small groups of 5 to 6 people, cooked some delicious Spanish dishes.

Some of the Spanish members from Spain@MIT acted as group “leaders” providing with the recipes and the cooking utensils. Noel’s group prepared paella, Roberto was in charge of the Spanish omelettes, MJ led the preparation of the stuffed eggs and the recipes “al ajillo” (with garlic), Patty’s group cooked a couple of recipes with salted cod, Joel was in charge of the “pa amb tomàquet”, Rafa and Fernando led the “salmorejo” group and last but not least Maite was in charge of the desserts.

After that we all enjoyed a tasting of all the dishes in an enjoyable and comfy atmosphere. All turned out delicious!

Spanish Cooking Class 2013