Ester Caffarel (18/19)


My name is Ester Caffarel-Salvador and I would like to continue serving as the Science & Industry Series Co-Chair of Spain@MIT association. By serving in this position, I intend to contribute in the organization of seminars held by Spanish scientists and representatives of different Spanish industries and associations. These seminars will help the MIT community in gaining a better insight into the subject and provide opportunities for the attendees to make some potentially valuable contacts that can help them move to the next level in their careers or endeavors.

Ester’s background is in Biotechnology and Biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2014, Ester obtained her PhD in Pharmacy from Queen’s University Belfast, where she also collaborated with world leading pharmaceutical companies (L’ÓREAL, Lohmann Therapy Systems) in developing microneedles for transdermal drug delivery. Currently, Ester is a senior postdoctoral associate at the laboratory of Prof. Robert Langer at MIT where her work focuses on the development of oral drug delivery devices for the administration of peptides in collaboration with Novo Nordisk.