A Discussion with Luis Cueto and Gerardo Pisarello


Spain@MIT and the Real Colegio Complutense was proud to bring two distinguished speakers, Luis Cueto, General Coordinator of the city of Madrid, and Gerardo Pisarello, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, for a discussion with members of Spain@MIT.

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“The role of the Cities in a Changing World: How Barcelona and Madrid put citizens first”

The aim of the panel is to present the two most important cities in Spain by tackling, from the perspective of the city, the most paramount issues on the current agenda of cities, including: measures to combat social disconnection from politics and institutions; how cities are contributing and can contribute to current migration and refugee policy (in the context of President Trump’s executive order); the housing problem; social inclusion policies; innovative measures to foster sustainability in the cities; new ideas to enable growth and better public services; etc.

Panel structure:
12:00-12:05. Short presentation of the panel (moderator)
12:05-12:40. 10-15 min presentation from each panelist
12:40-13:00. Questions and answers

Speakers: Gerardo Pisarello (Deputy Mayor of Barcelona), Luis Cueto (General Coordinator of Madrid)

Moderator: José Manuel Martínez Sierra (Director RCC at Harvard)

Spanish food was provided during the event.

A Discussion with Luis Cueto and Gerardo Pisarello